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What You Should Not Do During a Move

Moving can be complicated and many people are prone to mistakes. But read our blog post and find out what you should not do during a move. Also, contact our moving services in Los Angeles for professional help.


  1. services movingConsider you know and can handle everything on your own. If you are not a professional mover, you can hardly claim that you know how to properly pack a house or an office for a move. There are many rules and strategies that must be implemented and only those with proper training know them. Also, relocation should be done with professional assistance. Working only with amateurs is a recipe for disaster.
  2. Not considering intense traffic hours and the busiest times of the year to move . This is another amateur mistake which must be avoided.  Make sure to understand the traffic of your city and the one you want to move. Also, during summer more people move than the rest of the year. Schedule the move ahead, otherwise you will be left with very few options.
  3. Forgetting to get moving quotes. Always get an estimate and invite movers to send their evaluators who will determine the labor hours and costs. Consider getting an estimate in writing, preferable a biding estimate.
  4. Forgetting to ask for moving insurance. Before you move ask for insurance documents and check what they cover and how much. If the insurance terms do not satisfy you, you should better change the mover.
  5. Forgetting to clean the house. At least clean the transport route for boxes. You will need a clean, dry and safe route to transport boxes.
  6. Forgetting to pack an essential box. This box must contain items that are needed in the first days from arrival. Pack this box first and make sure to place it on top. You surely do not want to unpack all boxes just to get few essential items.

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