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How To Pack Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy furniture is one of the most dangerous parts of any household relocation project. Without sufficient focus and path measurement, severe accidents are prone to occur. And things can get pretty ugly. Dropping a closet or nightstand while on stairs can end up with broken bones and even paralysis. Read the following preventing guide on how to pack heavy furniture. And it is always the best to let professional movers handle the task.  Movers Los Angeles offer high quality services and will get the job done safer and faster.

moving-furnitureThe first thing to do is to reduce weight as much as possible. This is why you should empty the content of drawers and shelves.  Plus it ensures that there are no items to move during transit and cause unpleasant damage and even accidents.  The next thing to do is to remove drawers or to keep them in place, securing them with tape or stretch wrap.  Drawers opening during move can again cause damage or accidents with injuries.

It would be wise to measure all the doorways and hallways found on the transport path. Make sure that everything will fit.  This is problematic for large furniture items, especially the ones which do not detach. In many cases, removing the doors will solve the problem.

Disassemble everything that is possible. In case of intricate furniture pieces, with lots of bolts and screws, it is wise to take pictures and even some user manuals. In this way, you will be able to re-assemble the items when needed.

Use a slider under furniture legs. By creating a smooth layer between furniture and floor will help moving and will make sure do not damage the floor.  You can use wood boards to create a ramp when moving furniture up or downstairs.

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