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How to Check If a Moving Company Is Really Reliable

There are so many moving companies around and they all pretend to be professional, presenting all sorts of achievements and incredible testimonials.  Weeding out the week may seem a really exhausting an almost impossible process. But with the right knowledge and a keen eye, everything can become easier.  There are several signs and indicators which tell you if you are dealing with a serious mover or not.  Although big companies, like Melrose Moving Inc. are considered to be reputable by the general opinion, you should not be lazy and research your mover, no matter if the reputation precedes them.

moving-company-phoenixFirst of all, check if the company has the right staff and representatives. The mover should be able to provide in detail info about their workers, planners, supervisors and consultants.  Furthermore, a good company provides agents and evaluators. Do not trust companies who do not offer counseling services. Some companies are just salesmen who transfer the task of moving to another company.

Next, the company should be able to provide all documentation. This means you will get inventory records, evaluations, guides and written moving strategies.  A good mover is always ready with some lists, meaning that they are ready to handle your belongings.

The mover has the right accreditation and this is easy to track. For example, you can easily verify Better Business Bureau accreditation or American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).  Furthermore, you can be sure you are working with a good mover is the awards mentioned by the company are easy to track and are offered by a reputable organization, like AMSA.  Specialized organizations do not make the mistake of awarding highly sought after titles and awards to amateurs or rogue movers.

Evaluation services and counseling is another pro offered by companies that are interested in keeping their customers happy. A good company will be able to provide in-house evaluation, not e-mail or phone evaluation.  Also, the evaluation will be thoroughly, not hasty. Companies that provide hasty evaluations show no respect for your belongings and they only want to take your money, usually asking more than they should deserve.

Good reviews provided by specialized review websites are always an indicator for a trustworthy company. Again, you should search only on dedicated, well-established websites, not on every low-ranking and quasi-obscure website.

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