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3 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Move!

Planning ahead is the key for any successful household relocation. If you want to hire a mover, you must also search through all moving companies Los Angeles provides with some time ahead.  We offer you 3 tips for preparing your home for a move.

moving services1)     Sort all your items. Planning ahead is crucial if you want to survive all the stress associated with a move.  Resource management is essential and if you work alone it will be a tough test. First thing you should do is to sort all the rooms and detect the items you no longer want to carry in the new home.

You will certainly find tubes with expired content or unreadable content. Old clothes can be packed separately. If you have items in good condition you can organize a garage/yard sale before you move. In this way, you will earn some money and get rid of unwanted items.

2)     Clear the way. You must choose a path to move all the boxes and where to store them. Clear the path from all obstacles and make sure that the floor is clean and dry. Designate each corner of the storage room for a specific type of items. You can place electronics in a place of the room, cutlery in another part, fragile items in another part and so on. Also, make sure to measure doorways, hallways and stairways.  This will tell you if you have to remove some door or to tilt larger items.

3)     Buy sufficient moving supplies. Without enough moving supplies you cannot even start the relocation. Make an inventory list with all your items and check how they can be wrapped and packed in order to ensure maximum protection. Then, calculate how many boxes you will need and all additional supplies: packing tape, labels, bubble wrap, mattresses covers, plastic sealing bags and so on.

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